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PA State Child Clearance Requirements

PA Act 153, signed by Governor Corbett and effective in JAN 2015 adds required
“clearances” for volunteers in all child-serving organizations in the state of Pennsylvania


All PA Wing senior members and cadets 17 1/2+ need to obtain their clearances. Those approaching age 18 should apply to obtain their clearances prior to their 18th birthday.

Here is a link to the PA Department of Human Services (DHS) ​information entitled, "Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions" regarding these clearances:

This is a THREE (3) step process:

1. PENNSYLVANIA CHILD ABUSE HISTORY CLEARANCE (no charge for volunteers in PA) obtain your Department of Human Services (DHS) certificate through the Child Welfare Information Solution website:

2. PENNSYLVANIA STATE POLICE CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK ​(no charge for volunteers in PA) You must click on “New Record Check (Volunteers Only)​”. This clearance may require the applicant to enter the volunteer organization's name and phone number. Enter "Civil Air Patrol" and 877-227-9142 respectively. You may obtain your certificate through the epatch website:

3. DISCLOSURE STATEMENT OR FBI FINGERPRINTS - The third clearance document you’ll need is dependent on the length of your residency in PA. You must file a third document regardless; it’s an either/or requirement, please see a) and b) below for guidance as to which you’ll need:


         a) PA ​resident LESS THAN 10 YEARS continuously, you need to complete the
​             FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION    (FBI) Fingerprints. Information to obtain this is here:

    Enter the following service code: 1KG6ZJ


       b) PA ​resident MORE THAN 10 YEARS continuously, you ​may complete this PA-provided


            **Sign and date this document in front of an adult witness, ask them to sign it. This is a two page document, make certain to include both pages when you scan it for upload.

NOTE: ​Pennsylvania ​Fees are waived for Volunteer’s PA Child Abuse and PSP Criminal Record checks, make certain you indicate you are a volunteer when applying! There is a fee associated with the FBI Criminal Background check that ranges between $25-$30.

Please refer to the instructions provided on the web sites to apply for the respective clearances. These are Pennsylvania State Government systems in the first two cases and a contract provider for the FBI Background check. If you need help with these web sites, use the information provided on the sites to seek assistance. For further assistance call you PA Representative’s local Office. Please do not call PA Wing HQ - Call your chain of command for help with web sites or turn to fellow members who have obtained clearance for assistance with getting yours.